The Weather Window

A few high whispies feather the sky over Cerro Torre´s dark, hulking mass as Daren, Matt and I boil water and prep ourselves in the predawn darkness.  Yesterday afternoon´s clarity and last night´s stillness hint at the predicted “weather window” of today.  We move up the talus, scree, and moraine, making our second attempt on […]

What Mattered Today

January 9, 2012 — Friendships, new and old, that is what mattered today.  It wasn´t weather, or long slogs, or heavy packs, money or lack of it.  It was friendships.  Morning mate sessions with the Brazilians, Irivan and Bonga, while cooking breakfast.  Shooting the breeze with them and Carlyle, a Canadian climber we have befriended. […]