Walking It Off

Editor’s Note: This post also appears on jaredspaulding.com; I am posting it here because it sure fits my the Patagonian exploration theme.   January 2020–Water is not my element and Spanish is not my language; I started with two strikes against me.  Luckily Maija and Fiona were kind enough to take spots nearby and offer […]

The Lessons: Part Fem*

Expeditions have a way of teaching much if you know where to look.  Some of this year’s lessons are specific to the Valdivian or Siempreverde rainforests, others more general.  Some are obvious, others, not so much.  With those unobvious ones, one has to to search a little harder, dig a little deeper.  I got some of each […]

The Lessons: Part Vier (the viagra effect)

The expeditionary nature of this year’s excursion into the  Avellanos resulted in some pretty specific lessons, some that should probably have been obvious. – Use a ration planning model.  Do not succumb to good enough or eyeballing.  Duh, that should have been obvious.  Matt did some math before we went to the Supermercado, but without […]

The Lessons: Part Tres

The Lessons – 2014 – Become more well rounded.  Mountains in this range demand a solid command of a wide array of mountain skills.  The past two trips to this arena have led me to believe that I can get away with being a strong alpine rock climber and a not so strong mixed or […]

You Get What You Need…

11 Enero 2013 — The purple “Turbo Wagon” slows to a stop in front of the maxikiosco.  A bearded driver hops out and looks at Matt and me.  “Gerry?” he inquires. “Si” I reply standing quickly, a small Osprey day pack light on my back. “Usted con Lago San Martin?” Matt asks. “Si” Sweet.  We […]

The Lessons

In no particular order: ◆    Get In Shape:  Run, run, run.  There is no substitute for cardiovascular fitness in the mountains.  Stairmaster, hill runs, bike rides, whatever, train for long up hill climbs. ◆    Bring Lots of Tat:  Bailing is part of the Patagonian experience.  Even in nice weather you have to come down after […]