A Positive Outlook

“Bleleleleleep.”  The piece of relatively modern technology in my hand emits its message alert.  Earlier I had sent out some text messages via the satellite phone in search of weather reports.  “New SMS Text.  Read Now?” it asks.  Is this the one I have been waiting for, I wonder to myself. An hour before, Matt […]

The Waiting Days

30 January 2014–There are no rest days in El Chalten. There are only waiting days. Sooner or later the weather improves and forecasts look good. The climbers come down from their boulders and sport climbs, shake themselves out of drunken stuppors and lace up boots and approach shoes. They head off to the mountains. Rumors […]

The Times They Have A’ Changed

“Hello Anna Haegel, this is Jared Spaulding” I say when she answers the phone. I detect a hint of uncertainty in her “hello?” “Hmm, I thought it might be you with the funky phone number. It seemed like it was from a long way away” she replied. “Are you busy?” I asked, getting straight to […]