Facing Reality on Pilar Goretta

The reality is, once again, I am not good enough. Not strong enough, not smart enough, not tough enough, and even potentially, not dumb enough. Some things had changed in the two years since I last attempted to climb Fitz Roy via Pilar Goretta and it’s north side. I had more experience, more knowledge and […]

The Lessons: Part Tres

The Lessons – 2014 – Become more well rounded.  Mountains in this range demand a solid command of a wide array of mountain skills.  The past two trips to this arena have led me to believe that I can get away with being a strong alpine rock climber and a not so strong mixed or […]

On the Nature of Summits and Partners

“Well, here we go” I announce, screwing the Doite isobutane canister onto the Jetboil. “Let’s see if this works” I continue as Rainbow and Anne glance up to watch me turn the valve on the stove. The silence says it all. “Fuck.” Rainbow, Anne and I are setting up camp at the toe of the […]

Same Same, But Different

Anne pulls up the latest meteorogram as Rainbow and I peer over her shoulder. Rumour has it that this year is a year of manufactured windows. Rock routes are not dry and climbing more alpinesque routes allows for climbing in more varied conditions. “Yeah” he says, “there on Thursday, the pressure is a bit higher […]

You Get What You Need…

11 Enero 2013 — The purple “Turbo Wagon” slows to a stop in front of the maxikiosco.  A bearded driver hops out and looks at Matt and me.  “Gerry?” he inquires. “Si” I reply standing quickly, a small Osprey day pack light on my back. “Usted con Lago San Martin?” Matt asks. “Si” Sweet.  We […]