Rookie Moves

“Well, that was stupid” Josie says. She is sitting on a yellow butt pad and has turned to look at her pack, a couple meters away. “What was?” I ask after a long pause. One of my boots is off and I am peeling a small leech from behind my ankle. “Slippery little bugger” I […]

Hiccups and Upgrades

The Noble Hotel’s lobby looks like a NOLS program staff’s nightmare. I stand on the stairs looking into the remains of a party. A good one too. Wine glasses, plastic cups, beer cans and pint glasses in various states of consumption are scattered haphazardly. Clothing and broken glass litter the floor and it is still […]

The Packing Process

The packing process seems almost complete.  In a break from the norm here at Mate, Manjar y Montañas I am going with a photo collage.  It seems this “normal” work thing has me a bit confused and pressed for time today. The time is near, the nerves are starting again.  Josie is coming out of […]

Maps and Machetes

Planning an expedition is one thing. Planning a successful expedition is something else. Legendary explore Bill TIlman is quoted as saying “any expedition should be able to be planned on the back of an envelope.” With that philosophy of streamlined and efficient expeditions he and his mates explored uncharted mountains, deserts and oceans throughout the […]