The Group Process

“Where are you going with those” Dave asks, a bit perplexed as I grab the three mostly full duffle bags of food from the cook tent. “I am a visual person”, I respond. “I need to spread the food out to do a proper inventory.” I cart the bags down the thirty degree slope to […]

The Ice Cream Aisle

The shaggy haired blonde guy looked a bit out of place, no doubt just as I did. He was wandering around the Bigger grocery store with a stack of dulce de leche tubs. I pushed my sugary snack laden grocery cart away from the dulces and made my way toward Dave, Matt and Ting Ting […]

South by West and East

  The Mojave desert is an unconventional place to prepare for an expedition to a remote Patagonian peak.  Joshua Tree National Park however, is where three of the four expedition members ended up during mid December.  It is true that before gaining popularity as a testing ground in its own right, J-Tree was seen as […]

The Good With The Bad

Working in the Dirty Devil River region on a twenty four day technical canyon course is probably not the best way to get in shape for a Patagonian climbing expedition. None the less that is how I spent the month of November this year. Trying to open the bus window on the way home made […]

Together at Last

After ten months of random, infrequent and mostly electronic communications, the four of us finally sat down in the same room and eventually, the same table. Fittingly enough, that diminutive, round, faux-rustic table was in a corner of the Guest Lounge in Yosemite National Park’s Curry Village. Pleasantries exchanged, we got down to business. “Matt, […]

It Begins Again…

2 December 2013 — Patagonia called me back in 2015 before I even boarded my flight there for 2014. The message came by Facebook. It was a Monday morning and I was lying next to Amy in our port-a-build at NOLS New Zealand. In my usual fashion I lay awake and watched the sunlight slowly […]