Hiccups and Upgrades

The Noble Hotel’s lobby looks like a NOLS program staff’s nightmare. I stand on the stairs looking into the remains of a party. A good one too. Wine glasses, plastic cups, beer cans and pint glasses in various states of consumption are scattered haphazardly. Clothing and broken glass litter the floor and it is still […]

Southward Bound

The couple across the aisle is making out, or rather maybe just involved in some “heavy cuddling.” They actually look rather uncomfortable, sittin up and turned sideways in their seat. I guess I am probably jealous. We are thirty-thousand feet above Pucon, Chile, or that is what the in-flight sky map is showing. The plane […]

The Lessons: Part Tres

The Lessons – 2014 – Become more well rounded.  Mountains in this range demand a solid command of a wide array of mountain skills.  The past two trips to this arena have led me to believe that I can get away with being a strong alpine rock climber and a not so strong mixed or […]