2017, Expeditions, Planning

The Packing Process

The packing process seems almost complete.  In a break from the norm here at Mate, Manjar y Montañas I am going with a photo collage.  It seems this “normal” work thing has me a bit confused and pressed for time today.

The initial pile of everything or most things that might go. This starts small and grows larger over time as I throw things in it.
Later, some organization happens. Stuff starts getting stuffed in bags… though there is still a small spread on the floor.
Running through the checklist and more spreading out of stuff.
Just a small example of one of the boxes that I got to open in this planning/packing process.
T-minus three days and counting and this seems to be the stalling point. Two checked bags, each meticulously weighed, one carry one and one personal item. Plus a few things that need to get the thumbs up or thumbs down.

The time is near, the nerves are starting again.  Josie is coming out of the field and final preparations will be made to meet up.